Wait for your love story


Little girl soon you’ll be in a world all on your own.

You’ll feel alone, scared, and excited at the same time. You’ll meet some guys who may use you and abuse you and you may let them. You’ll try to fit in and most of the times you probably won’t. You’ll meet some “cool” girls who have nice clothes and boyfriends who will call you names and mock you. You’ll build up a wall. You’ll meet some amazing friends and then they’ll leave and you’’ll let them. You’ll fail some classes and some of your grades will fall. You’ll see your friends go out without you while you stay in your room. You’ll lose that laugh and smile that was once so beautiful. You’ll start to think of just ending it all because you can’t take the pain.

Then you’ll start to pray day and night hoping to find a purpose. You’ll start to draw and write again. You’ll find some good music that’ll make not only your body but your soul dance and you’ll let it. You’ll start to try towards of the end of the semester and make good grades. You’ll earn your Bachelor’s degree and go to a graduate school somewhere far way. You’ll meet someone who makes walking and laughing a lot of easier. He’ll hold you like the sky holds the sun and make you feel wanted. He’ll have a smile that’ll make you want to dance and smile. He’ll heal the old bruises with his kisses and strong hands and you’ll let him. He’ll cry sometimes because it’s hard to fix someone who has only known pain. He’ll call you beautiful and make sure you smile. He’ll pray with you and behind hidden doors pray for you. He’ll get down on one knee and choose you. He’ll stand in a church in front of your friends and family and say two little words. He’ll make a vow that makes you realize that you’re truly loved. He’ll show you that all those times you felt unwanted and worthless were just GOD showing you what you didn’t deserve.

So don’t miss these moments by letting these hard times choose your fate! It takes someone special to know how to love someone special. So wait! People can make you feel like life isn’t worth living but you can make the choice to prove them wrong. Get your education and become the BOSS in whatever career you chose. Love will come but you have to get yourself together first.

You’re the author of your own story




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